Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Edit 7: The last day in Bwaise

Yesterday was the day we had been most excited for all week - visiting the school.
After much planning last night, including writing songs about hygiene and safety, we began lessons this morning with a bunch of over-excited children. They loved the songs but soon became hyper and so lessons were short!

We then began a second session, with the younger kids staying at school and the older kids coming to play games in a field with us. It was challenging in the heat, but their smiles were worth it! 

In the afternoon we had our last G4G session, writing about our hopes for future generations of women. In the evening we danced traditional dances, tried on the traditional ‘Gomes’ dresses and had a fire. It was a great end to an unbelievably magical stay in Bwaise. 

Tomorrow we head off to Murchison Falls very early. By Anissa

P.s. love you Mum, Dad and rest of the fam!


  1. Dear Nissy,
    It looks like you were having an amazing time with the kids.
    Missing you lots
    Love Leela ❤️

  2. Love u Martha, so glad you’re all having an amazing time, can’t wait to see you!❤️
    The fam, Harry and Judas!! xx

  3. Hi Nissy, lovely update. You all look fully in the swing of things.
    We can’t wait to hear all the details when you come home.
    Have a fab time at the waterfalls and safari. Sounds amazing!
    Big big hugs. Love you. Mum and Dad. Xxxxxxx

  4. Wow, it looks like all the girls were great at dancing, but please don't try it with the rhinos...
    And pls let Asia know all her paperwork from Canada has come through fine!

  5. What a great experience you are all having! I love your daily reports and look forward to reading them, as well as seeing all the photos. I like the group photos, the ones with the kids, the ones in traditional dress.... Loved to see you building AND the dancing on Instagram too! A massive hug to all my teacher mates Nicola, Rachel, Reesa and Cristinaaaaa! ¡Sois fantásticas y maravillosas!

  6. Oh Wow, I bet today was also emotional. You have all done so well. E, I'm getting use to an Mac-box!!😎, You can teach an old hound, new technology🤣🤣🤣

    Susannah is here,and it's 6.30pm Tue. The costumes look fab.

    Anissa, great report, thank you.

    E, granddad, sends his love and we send you a very warm Cwtch and one for the JAG's massive 😘

    One Love, Dad. Xx

  7. We miss you and can't wait to hear all your news when you get back, but it feels a bit sad that you've already had to leave Bwaise. I hope you all have a fantastic time at the Falls and then on safari - and that everyone takes lots and lots of photos, can't have too many! lots of love from the Saunders fam x

  8. Dear Nissy
    Nice to hear that you are going to Murchison falls.
    Enjoy the trip and have a lovely day. Leela is enjoying with her cousins.
    Love Nanna Nanni Mum Dad Leela and all the family

  9. Laughed out loud at this....They loved the songs but soon became hyper and so lessons were short!
    Liv, love you girl x Dad

  10. Replies
    1. He he - my ‘Africa’ shirt looks better on her than me..😆