Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 9: Baby hippo!

After a restful yet anxious night due to the fear of finding warthogs in our tents in the morning, the team was up very early to begin the extremely anticipated safari adventure. 

Whilst waiting for the ferry, we were fortunate enough to witness a picturesque sunrise as our guides supplied us with plenty of fascinating information which only made everyone more eager to get started. 

We split into our groups and set off. It was an eventful 4 hours! We were amazed but the awe-inspiring elephants, warthogs, antelopes, giraffes, lions, leopards and hippos as well as a huge variety of different birds. 

The safari was followed by a delicious lunch back at the Red Chilli Rest Camp before we headed on a boat safari down the Nile. 

This included going all the way to Murchison Falls whilst stopping along the way to catch a glimpse of crocodiles and hippos - our favourite was definitely the baby hippo! 

Although the ride was a little choppy, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Undoubtedly, it was an animal and action packed day but we are another step closer to the end of our wonderful experience in Uganda. 

By Haleema.

From JAGs: 
If you are not collecting your daughter from Gatwick South Terminal on Friday 13th at 4pm then please e-mail me as soon as possible. ( to authorise her to make her own way home, either on her own or with another parent.


  1. Sounds idyllic and wonderful. Baby hippo too cute. Carry on having fun in your last day Liv girl. X Miss you

  2. Just love seeing your happy faces, knowing that it won’t be long before we actually see you again. What an amazing way to end your time in Uganda. So looking forward to seeing you, Flo. Enjoy the chimp trekking tomorrow and have a safe journey home. A huge thank you to the teachers and the Inspire team for such a memorable experience. Love Flo’s family xx

  3. Hi Kajuli and friends
    We loved following your Uganda adventure. Sorry for not writing sooner but I was a bit slow w technology it required a few steps getting on to this blog.
    I loved reading your entry.
    The wildlife photo’s are fantastic.
    Safe travels back.
    We miss you.
    Much love your Oma and Opa
    Auntie P wrote this on my behalf
    Kajuli we are so happy you had this opportunity we look forward to hearing all about it when we see you

  4. What fantastic pictures! Amazing! Wish we were there with you! πŸ’•

    1. Dear parents - if anyone needs help with pick up of daughter from Gatwick, please let Kajuli’s dad (Joris) know on 07810782050. We can take 3 additional in the car. Regards Kritika

    2. Haleema - thank you for the detailed write up. You have seen so much today! Wow!

  5. It’s amazing to see you guys enjoying the beauty of Uganda after working so hard over the past week. I love the well written update about your adventure and can’t wait to hear more about it when you guys return

  6. That baby hippo sure is cute!!!! Kajuli, please could you bring one back for us:) Kian and Ellora say hi and we are so excited that you're having such an eventful trip! Love from us all in Sydney :)

  7. Hi Ella, and the JAG's crew, wow, that's life enhancing / soul enriching stuff your doing😎. Tis a Propper African adventure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜. So so proud of you, missing you, and so looking forward to seeing you and getting the full scoop. All is well here, Mum's visiting Annabelle, so just me and milo.

    Keep well and know you are loved.

    Dad. Xx

  8. Hey Kajuli!
    loved your smiles, you saw quite a bit of wildlife, great photos lovely blog entries, the sunrise was spectacular.
    Safe travels home,
    Auntie Patricia
    We' re heading out on our own adventure, Yosemite and rappelling down the Moaning caves with Aoy, great memories of your showing your dad how it's done.

  9. Hi Anisha
    Glad you are enjoying your trip to Uganda. Lovely photos. Missing you very much. Have fun.
    Love Nanna Nanni Mum Dad Leela and all the family.

  10. Hi Ella, just wanted to say safe journey home 😘, can't wait to see you. Sending you as ever much Love.

    Dad and Family. Xx

  11. Take care on the journey home - and try and get some sleep on the plane(s) ...there are so many questions we'll want to ask about your amazing trip. Can't wait to see you all back at lovely Gatwick Airport! All the Saunders Fam😘

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  13. This looks amazing, lovely pictures. Now it's time to come home though. We can't wait to have you back. Much love, Eddax