Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 8: Safari - Rhinos!

After a 6am start we said our goodbyes to Bwaise, and headed off to the Rhino Sanctuary. 

As we arrived we were welcomed by the rangers and could already spot a few monkeys. The group was told how to prepare if one charged at us, and soon were tentatively walking through long grass on our way to spot the rhinos. 

It was incredible to see four rhinos laying beneath the shade of a tree and a few even walking around. Meanwhile the rangers explained the history of the sanctuary and their aims for the future. 

Once again we set off towards the Murchison Waterfall. After a brief walk we came across the awe-inspiring waterfall, stopping to take in the beautiful surroundings. 

This evening we arrived at our final destination, Red Chilli Rest Camp, and were shown to our tents. The group enjoyed a satisfying dinner together - there was much excitement for the spaghetti Bolognase and shared our heartwarming reflections of our experiences in Uganda so far. 

By Liv


  1. Go Liv....Go Liv.....Go Liv.........
    Enjoy, Dad

  2. OMG!! Looks amazing ❤️
    Don’t get eaten by a rhino 🦏!!(Joking!!)
    Miss you loads and I can’t wait to see you

  3. Wow-to-the-wee, hi Ella. Dat looks amazing. You all deserve a good time soaking up da African sun and having some fun πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž. Missing your flavour and your spirit. Sending you a warm Cwtch and one for all the fellow JAGs massive. One Love, Dad. Xx😘😘

  4. PS: if a monkey or rhino nicks your bannana, let it have itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£!!

    Pure Love E. Xx

  5. Hi E, not sure whats happing to the web site, but here goes my 4th attempt to publish a message....

    Wow-to-the-wee!!! Rhinos and baboon's!! Top stuff. Your ladies have done us all proud. So now it's time to have some fun in da African Sun. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    Sending you a warm Cwtch, and nuf Love. Dad and Family. XXX😘😘

  6. PS: if ah monkey tries to nick your bananas, let dem have it🀣🀣

    Love you. Xx😘

  7. Hi Nissy and all amazing scenery . Love the waterfalls and the monkeys. Enjoy you deserve this relaxation . Love Mam Dad Nani and Nana

  8. What a wonderful experience to see Rhinos. There are such dedicated people trying to preserve what is left of the Rhino population. Makes one sad to think how much we have driven them and other species to the brink and beyond.

    Wonderful to hear all the news.

    Lots of love to the team.

  9. Dear Monkey Kajuli,

    I realised that I am leaving via Heathrow on Friday as you arrive at Gatwick. So I won’t see you for another week. Oh boo hoo hoo. But never mind - I will call from Bangalore to hear all the stories. I look forward to hearing them all.

    Dad will meet you at Gatwick.

    Love mum

  10. Kaj, is that a rhesus monkey? Thinking about Tintin :)

  11. Hi Kajuli and friends,
    I have to admit these photos did make me smile you're all indeed having a great time. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.
    Much love
    Auntie Patricia