Sunday, 8 April 2018

Day 6: Flash Mob!

Sunday morning took an evangelical turn with a visit to a church just down the road from our guesthouse. 

We were given a warm welcome by the pastors and regardless of our personal beliefs, everyone was carried away by the gospel songs at the beginning and touched by the service’s strong spiritual effect on the congregation. 

Back at the guesthouse we swapped our diaphanous skirts for working gear, and then headed to the construction site. To complete the one remaining task - painting the buildings. 

The AFFCAD team had gone for a vibrant smurf blue paint. Armed with rollers and brushes, everyone got stuck in with the occasional break taken to play with the children who lived in the area. Soon everyone was speckled sky blue. 

After we split groups and each group visited the home of a girl taking part in the girls for girls programme. We were greeted by smiling grandmothers and shy siblings. I’m sure the disparity between these two-room homes and the houses waiting for us on London was on everybody’s mind. 

Meeting again at the AFFCAD centre, Jaffar and Liz told AFFCADs story from the big dreams at the beginning to the present. 

Sally also related a few observations on the behaviours and quirks of foreigners (muzungus) which were amusing and revelatory. 

The afternoon was rounded off with a flash mob style dance in the streets where we did our best to imitate the slick moves of our Ugandan counterparts. 

Were we tired by the end of the day? Yes. Would we do it all again? Definitely. 

Written by Kajuli.


  1. Hi E and the JAG's crew. Church!! Wow, don't think Ella's been to church since her christening ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, joke!! Another filled day. Life her is cool, but not the same without your soundtrack and zing. Sending you a warm Cwtch E. Dad. Xx

  2. Liv, miss you so so much. Looks and sounds fantastic, rewarding and massive fun. Carry on enjoying. Love you, Daddy x

  3. Aside from the tiredness we are sure you will never forget your days in Kampala. Such an incredible eye opening experience. Asia we miss you (and Josh has taken over your room!๐Ÿ˜‚) but we are so proud of you and happy that you have been given such an opportunity. Love, mam dad Josh

  4. Hi Poppy! We miss you lots. The good news from home is that your brother's back, the bad news is that he's grown another Lemony Snicket beard ๐Ÿค” We're loving the blog and the photos, and all the smiling faces! You've all made us really proud, Mum x

  5. Sounds like another great day! Kaj - as soon as I started reading the blog - I knew you had written it. When I saw ‘smurf blue’ - there was not an iota of doubt left in my mind. Ha ha!

    The daily blogs are being read by the team worldwide - Sydney, Melbourne, Bangalore, San Fran, Bangalore, Etc, etc. Keep them coming! We love them!

    We just got back by the way, and saw Sagan cross the line victorious. Devyani is over the moon. It was a nail biting finish at the Roubaix velo.

    Lots of love ๐Ÿ’• mum Kritika

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  7. Hi Nissy and all the group thanks for lovely pictures and updates . Looks like you are all doing amazing job learning and enjoying with each other . Very proud of you all lots of love Nani and Nana

  8. Hi Nissy and everyone
    Thanks for your updates and lovely photos. You all doing amazing work and enjoying yourselves. Keep up with the good work. Your mum and dad are having difficulty in posting perhaps some technical difficulties from abroad.
    Lots of love Nanna Nanni Mum Dad Leela and all the family

  9. Kajuli and friends,
    Thank you for your lovely post Kajuli enjoyed reading about the gospel songs. It reminded me of when we snuck in balcony level at Glide Memorial Church here in San Francisco. The only thing missing was Reverend Lovejoy, a true ‘Simpsons’ moment for us.
    Kajuli, will you and your team get to see any wildlife or is this mission strictly humanitarian?
    We all love the photos and appreciate the daily different blogger.
    Well done!
    Auntie Patricia

  10. G'day Kajuli (and other JAGS muzungus) - you have penned a beautiful entry for Day 6, a captivating account... the 'diaphonous' attire got me. Its wonderful to see the engagement with your local hosts and community. A truly transformational experience. Thanks for sharing we are all learning. Siiba bulungi, Uncle Tim - Melbourne, Australia

  11. I love the choice of blue for the walls. I want to see more photos of the diaphanous attire please. xxxx

  12. Akisonga juu ya alama kama chimpanzi, hey amoeba, ni nani? wapi yeye, alikwenda wapi, kuja nyumbani! Kahawa inakua baridi. Wagonjwa wa nyuma. Konda dhidi ya koleo. Haraka tumbili.

  13. Hey Kajuli, were you all like speckled butterflies or fawns after the painting job? Hope your construction outcomes stand up to the elements, the sun, wind, rain and gale. Perhaps one should visit again after a year or at least ask to see pictures of past proud works.
    Glad you enjoyed the church music. We were thrilled to see your writing today... Grandma Gayatri from Bangalore, India

  14. Hi Ella and Team JAG'S: hope this email finds you all in good fettal. My 1st day at Dishoom in HQ for the new site in Manchester, I have an assistant and a Mac book๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚. All is well here at home, mum is in full swing setting up the new office and chucking out all my paperwork / junk๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜œ. Can't believe you've been gone for a wk! You look happy in the photos and the gang look in good spirits. Sending you a warm Cwtch. Love you. Dad xx

  15. Hi Kika and all the JAGS team
    Thanks for the great updates we are following every word and picture. Congratulations on the inspirational work.
    Kika all the family send our love. We were in Brockenhurst yesterday and thought of you.
    See you soon
    Bruce and the Hendry family

  16. Hi Flo and all the team,

    We've been following your adventures from the US! It looks as though you're having a wonderful and enriching time. Kate had the same experience in Nicaragua - you'll be able to compare notes next time we see you!
    With love, the Shibers xxx

  17. Hi Flo and friends, hope you enjoyed your last day in Kampala and you’re looking forward to the next stage of your exciting journey. Hope it wasn’t too sad saying goodbye to all the lovely people you’ve met. Everyone has loved reading all about your trip and spotting you on the photos. Wondering if you’re managing to avoid those pesky mosquitoes. Cleo �� is missing your cuddles and we’re missing you too. G&G send their love and are so proud of you. Lots of love Flo’s family xxx

  18. Dear Ella and all, hope you are all well and have traveled to stage two safety. Looking forward to hearing from you, and hearing of your new endevours. Send you all my Love and god's blessings. Dad and family. XXX

    PS: I went to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr death service at Westminster Abbey, it was a powerful experience, and the last Hym was "how great thu art" my mum's favourite, so I sung it at full blast๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž!

    You are in my thoughts always, and our love travels with you each day.

    One Love and a warm Cwtch, xx

  19. We are all awaiting the morning update :) Hope you all travelled safely.

  20. This is wonderful writing Kaj. Even sitting here in the midst of our Indian Summer In Sydney, I can see you in my mind...paint-flecked. Keep up the great work and have fun out there. Love, Lumptu