Friday, 6 April 2018

Day 4: Cultural Carousel

We are already on day 5 of our trip out in Uganda. Today came the much anticipated and planned cultural carousel. 

After another wholesome breakfast we set off to the AFFCAD centre to share skills with our girls. We started with drama games, portraits and bracelet making. 

We created an amazing collection of pictures on the wall, a tapestry of faces. Then we did scooby doo making, nail painting and Spanish accompanied by pineapple and sodas. These could not last that long as the Zumba session was calling. We all gathered to a great audience of cheers. Danza Kadura was the dance taught by Jags which went down extremely well. 

Then we all gathered in a dance circle with some quality tunes. Leaving this dancing bonanza was near impossible but we had to return to our accommodation to reflect on nutritious beans and rice courtesy of Sophie. 

After once again feeling satisfied and sleepy post our large meal we played games till the girls arrived. For this session of girls for girls we tackled our boundaries and find ways to combat self doubt. A beneficial meeting for all. 

To end we did more games to further strengthen our bonds with the girls. And with the end of a fabulous session came the arrival of our much awaited trousers. Beautiful and vibrant patterns have us some much needed fresh clothes. Although some need alterations those can be quickly organised and worst comes to worst they will go down a treat on depop. The amazing woman who made them, Habeeba, who made them even made head bands for us when we have her tips - a truly lovely human.

Then to complete our day we ended by letting loose on the drums. What we lacked in rhythm and timing we made up with enthusiasm and heart. We will see which group is best at the drum-off tomorrow! 

With another dinner down and more golden conversation we ended day 5. Written by Ella Dennis. 


  1. Thank you for this blog, your reports and the pictures. Keep enjoying your adventure. Love from London, Edda & family

  2. So lovely getting all your news and photos from Uganda, we look forward to our updates every day. It looks like you're all having an amazing time, love Flo's family

  3. Great photos and reports. Let us know who wins Drum-off two😂. Sending you all a warm Cwtch and one extra for E. Tis a great thing you are all doing. God bless. Lenny and Family. Xx

  4. Hello everyone. Thanks for posting your wonderful photos and for keeping us all up to date with the fantastic work you are doing. Ella will be pleased to know that the office is finished and I have some fabulous photos of the wedding! Much love, Sarah D