Thursday, 5 April 2018

Day 3: Work and workshops

Today we had an early 6.30 start but the cold showers woke us up nicely. After breakfast and a stretch we set off to the building site in teams. 

Some spent the day chucking plaster on walls and getting very dirty while others laid the bricks for the new toilets. The local community were amused at our performance but lots got done (including moving about 1000 bricks) and we all came back grateful for the showers. 

Meanwhile, some girls had been cooking lunch with Sophie and they served us a delicious meal with the world’s best potatoes. 

After relaxing in the sun the girls arrived at the guesthouse for Girls 4 Girls. It was a wonderful afternoon with a friendly and open atmosphere. We spoke about women in our lives and told personal stories, some of which were very moving. 

After they left we played games including mafia! We have just finished enjoying yet another delicious dinner and I think we are all very ready for bed. 

Written by Esme, the photographer and writer for the day!

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  1. Another lovely commentary, and great photos again. We are so proud of you girls - that looked like proper hard work!