Thursday, 12 April 2018

Day 10: Chimps and pizza!

On our last day in Uganda, we went chimp trekking in the Budongo rainforest for 2 hours. 

We managed to see 4 chimps swinging from branch to branch and one even fell to the forest floor. Some of us were lucky enough to also spot another, larger chimp resting on the ground just a couple of metres away. At one point, he turned to face us as if posing for the cameras. 

Afterward, we began the 7 hour car ride to Entebbe, eating our lunch on the road. For dinner, we stopped st Gorettis for some much anticipated pizza. 

Now, we’re currently in the Via Via guesthouse resting and mentally preparing ourselves for the 3.45 plane home! 
See you all soon! Written by Asia.

Ps From Inspire- we will update you once the team are at the airport. 

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  1. See you all soon! Three cheers to Jane Goodall and others like her.