Thursday, 12 April 2018

On the plane

The group are now at Entebbe airport and about to board their flight home.

It’s been a proviledge to work with all the students and help enable this amazing partnership between JAGS and AFFCAD.

We hope you enjoy hearing all the stories from your daughters tomorrow!

Thank you!
Beth, Josh, Annie and all at Inspire Worldwide 

Day 10: Chimps and pizza!

On our last day in Uganda, we went chimp trekking in the Budongo rainforest for 2 hours. 

We managed to see 4 chimps swinging from branch to branch and one even fell to the forest floor. Some of us were lucky enough to also spot another, larger chimp resting on the ground just a couple of metres away. At one point, he turned to face us as if posing for the cameras. 

Afterward, we began the 7 hour car ride to Entebbe, eating our lunch on the road. For dinner, we stopped st Gorettis for some much anticipated pizza. 

Now, we’re currently in the Via Via guesthouse resting and mentally preparing ourselves for the 3.45 plane home! 
See you all soon! Written by Asia.

Ps From Inspire- we will update you once the team are at the airport. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 9: Baby hippo!

After a restful yet anxious night due to the fear of finding warthogs in our tents in the morning, the team was up very early to begin the extremely anticipated safari adventure. 

Whilst waiting for the ferry, we were fortunate enough to witness a picturesque sunrise as our guides supplied us with plenty of fascinating information which only made everyone more eager to get started. 

We split into our groups and set off. It was an eventful 4 hours! We were amazed but the awe-inspiring elephants, warthogs, antelopes, giraffes, lions, leopards and hippos as well as a huge variety of different birds. 

The safari was followed by a delicious lunch back at the Red Chilli Rest Camp before we headed on a boat safari down the Nile. 

This included going all the way to Murchison Falls whilst stopping along the way to catch a glimpse of crocodiles and hippos - our favourite was definitely the baby hippo! 

Although the ride was a little choppy, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Undoubtedly, it was an animal and action packed day but we are another step closer to the end of our wonderful experience in Uganda. 

By Haleema.

From JAGs: 
If you are not collecting your daughter from Gatwick South Terminal on Friday 13th at 4pm then please e-mail me as soon as possible. ( to authorise her to make her own way home, either on her own or with another parent.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 8: Safari - Rhinos!

After a 6am start we said our goodbyes to Bwaise, and headed off to the Rhino Sanctuary. 

As we arrived we were welcomed by the rangers and could already spot a few monkeys. The group was told how to prepare if one charged at us, and soon were tentatively walking through long grass on our way to spot the rhinos. 

It was incredible to see four rhinos laying beneath the shade of a tree and a few even walking around. Meanwhile the rangers explained the history of the sanctuary and their aims for the future. 

Once again we set off towards the Murchison Waterfall. After a brief walk we came across the awe-inspiring waterfall, stopping to take in the beautiful surroundings. 

This evening we arrived at our final destination, Red Chilli Rest Camp, and were shown to our tents. The group enjoyed a satisfying dinner together - there was much excitement for the spaghetti Bolognase and shared our heartwarming reflections of our experiences in Uganda so far. 

By Liv

Edit 7: The last day in Bwaise

Yesterday was the day we had been most excited for all week - visiting the school.
After much planning last night, including writing songs about hygiene and safety, we began lessons this morning with a bunch of over-excited children. They loved the songs but soon became hyper and so lessons were short!

We then began a second session, with the younger kids staying at school and the older kids coming to play games in a field with us. It was challenging in the heat, but their smiles were worth it! 

In the afternoon we had our last G4G session, writing about our hopes for future generations of women. In the evening we danced traditional dances, tried on the traditional ‘Gomes’ dresses and had a fire. It was a great end to an unbelievably magical stay in Bwaise. 

Tomorrow we head off to Murchison Falls very early. By Anissa

P.s. love you Mum, Dad and rest of the fam!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Day 6: Flash Mob!

Sunday morning took an evangelical turn with a visit to a church just down the road from our guesthouse. 

We were given a warm welcome by the pastors and regardless of our personal beliefs, everyone was carried away by the gospel songs at the beginning and touched by the service’s strong spiritual effect on the congregation. 

Back at the guesthouse we swapped our diaphanous skirts for working gear, and then headed to the construction site. To complete the one remaining task - painting the buildings. 

The AFFCAD team had gone for a vibrant smurf blue paint. Armed with rollers and brushes, everyone got stuck in with the occasional break taken to play with the children who lived in the area. Soon everyone was speckled sky blue. 

After we split groups and each group visited the home of a girl taking part in the girls for girls programme. We were greeted by smiling grandmothers and shy siblings. I’m sure the disparity between these two-room homes and the houses waiting for us on London was on everybody’s mind. 

Meeting again at the AFFCAD centre, Jaffar and Liz told AFFCADs story from the big dreams at the beginning to the present. 

Sally also related a few observations on the behaviours and quirks of foreigners (muzungus) which were amusing and revelatory. 

The afternoon was rounded off with a flash mob style dance in the streets where we did our best to imitate the slick moves of our Ugandan counterparts. 

Were we tired by the end of the day? Yes. Would we do it all again? Definitely. 

Written by Kajuli.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 5: Peanut bananas

Today we woke up again at 6.30 - and didn’t mind the early start as it is nice to have time to relax and play games. 

After a delicious breakfast including warm peanut covered bananas we got ready to start our day. With two other girls I went to help Sophie cook, who’s grandmother had sadly passed away so it was nice to help where we could. 

The rest of the girls went to help construction; renovating two houses and building a toilet - plastering the walls and starting on a veranda. 

Lunch tasted fantastic, even better knowing the hard work we put into peeling the potatoes. 

After lunch we had a girls for girls session and played games to strengthen our trust and reflected on special memories from the project so far. In the evening, we shared another delicious meal and shared stories around some candles. Written by Kika!

Ps- Dear Parents, Families and Friends - the girls are all asking for some comments on the blog! Please post your comments below and we will send them to the team in Uganda :)